Schwartz Heslin Group, Inc.
About Us
Providing trusted business advice to hundreds of clients with complex situations across multiple industries.

Guiding Principles

SHG has been a trusted advisor to businesses and entrepreneurs for over 30 years. Our success is driven by our corporate culture and a set of core principles that have driven the firm's professionals to provide the highest caliber of professionalism and integrity. The SHG business philosophy embodies the following guiding principles:

Client First. Our clients interests mean the world to us. The backbone of our business is all about doing the very best for our clients. We have a duty to uphold and enhance our own reputation as well as the reputation of the companies we represent. 

Objectivity. SHG provides independent, thoughtful advice with a long-term perspective no matter the size or scope of our assignment. We view our clients as long-term partners and act as a sounding board to all of their coproate challenges.

Be Entrepreneurial. We strive to foster a cohesive and collaborative environment both internally and with our client. Our entrepreneurial spirit focuses on innovative and creative solutions tailored to each clients objectives. As part of our entrepreurial approach, we believe it is our responsibility to identify corporate intertia and challenege the status quo.

Experience. Our best-in-class senior professionals have over a century of experience in advising clients on various financial and strategic challenges. We offer a unique and diverse portfolio of industry and georgraphical expertise that enables us to serve our clients in a differentiated way. 

Confidentiality. Our success is built around the trust our clients place in us and, as such, we take our clients confidentiality seriously. Our business is highly sensitive in nature and we pride ourselved in operating with the highest standard of discretion. Maintaining the reputation of our client is of great importance to the SHG team.